What is the special about casino games of a different kind and why you find them more and more often in the assortments of online casinos? Again, the reasons are easier than you might initially think. For example, after the first websites specifically for lottery and instant win games, including online scratchcards, keno, bingo, etc. emerged, the big online casinos, such as Spin Palace , did not care about these rivals at all … but in the last one changed two years ago. Precisely because these games are easy and fast to play and, moreover, are known to non-casino players, they are so popular for these reasons. On the following pages you will learn all about the most popular lottery and instant win game – keno.

Lottery and blackjack

Instant win games are usually online scratch cards, you do not have to select any numbers and you can play at any time and get notified in seconds of its profit. These games, as explained in the introduction, are very popular, entertaining and exciting.

Since scratch-offs may seem a bit too boring or boring even to the most die-hard player, many online casino software vendors specializing in lottery and instant win games have developed and introduced various themes and features for online scratch cards. So you can meanwhile everything from fantasy, sports, TV, cinema, action and much more. Experience topics as rubbing and winning fun. Most of these games are equipped with great audiovisual effects and also include casino bonus or free play rounds – bedste blackjack strategi.

The gains you can make on online scratchcards are usually not as high as on the very popular progressive jackpot slots; but you have a lower house edge when playing online scratch cards, which means a high chance of winning for the player. Scratch cards are very cheap and the average chance of winning is 33%; ie every 3rd scratchcard is a winner. Lots are usually offered in denominations of € 0.10 to € 10 and the potential jackpot is always worth 20,000 times the value of the bet in most cases. So you can win up to € 200,000 with a € 10 scratch card!

When playing instant win games, you can not use a winning system or system strategy, as they are, of course, pure games of chance. However, what you can do to minimize your risk of loss and maximize your chances of winning is … managing the game budget and the bankroll. Of course you should build up a solid bankroll first, of course with free casino bonus offers or with the help of welcome bonuses or premium bonuses.

When playing scratch cards you should try to buy as many tickets as possible. Let’s say you have a weekly game budget of $ 20. You can now take full risk and buy two lots with a face value of € 10 each; in the hope that you will hit the jackpot of € 200,000. Let that be better! It is better to buy ten lots with a value of € 0.50 each for € 5. Statistically there are already three draws among the ten lots! If you buy only one ticket for € 5, then this advantage does not exist. Even small winnings add up to a super win in the end! The best way to test this theory is to play free-to-play online lottery and instant win games in fun or demo mode, as you can with Instant Play Casino like the InterCasino.