If we are honest, then we all want to not only cash in profits in the online casino but also be entertained for our money, right? Anyone who is too tense or too obsessive about a cause, for the or it is pure stress, and no fun. Since the keno is a lottery game you have no influence on the results. Even so, with the right attitude, you can have a lot of fun with an evening keno session and spend a fun time at the online casino of your choice. I know you will think the screws are loose for me, but … even in play money or demo mode I love to play Keno there.

Now that you’ve decided how many numbers to select, it’s time to start thinking about the current numbers.

The most important thing about the whole thing is that you are aware that the numbers, numbers, etc. are determined by a random number generator, such as roulette and other games of chance. In a land-based casino this is done with a lottery machine, as you know from the television lottery, at an online casino through a computer. The accidental dragging of certain numbers means that the odds are the same for all numbers. There are no “hot” or “cold” numbers in Keno, no matter if some numbers were more common in the last draws or not. Do not forget this in any case; it is never possible to predict which numbers will be drawn or determined by certain systems.

That’s why the best keno strategy is the simplest – fun in choosing your personal lucky numbers. Choose birthdays, shoe sizes, or just random numbers just floating around in your head. Since there is no good or bad keno number, the best strategy is the one that makes you happiest.

You will surely remember the story of Keno and know that keno is an ancient game from China. That’s why Keno includes important elements of Chinese philosophy. In Chinese metaphysics, Yin and Yan are the opposing but inseparable forces of the universe. The upper half of the Keno ticket represents Yin, the lower half Yang. In order for both to be in perfect balance you should select the same number of numbers on both ticket sections.

The Yin & Yang approach to playing online keno has not yet been scientifically proven, but it seems somehow plausible, right? If you believe it or not, try this approach to keno play.

The best keno strategy is to have a lot of fun playing online keno and enjoy this ancient game to the fullest. No matter what your final keno strategy will look like; good luck and have fun playing Keno online!