To win the keno you have to select a number of numbers that match the numbers selected by the random number generator. The key elements in playing keno are: The number of numbers you choose and the selection of your personal lucky numbers, in jargon also called “spots”. Although there is no keno system that can guarantee 100% profits, there are some very helpful keno strategies to use. Incidentally, these deployment strategies are similar to those used when gambling slots.

How many Keno numbers should one select?
There are a few basic principles that should be kept in mind as far as the number of “spots” in keno play is concerned. One of the principles says that the more keno numbers you choose, the higher the potential keno payouts. If you place € 1 on a spot then you can win a maximum of € 3. Pick up to five numbers, then you can win up to € 50. If you have chosen ten matching numbers, the potential profit is as much as € 1,800. Fifteen correct numbers on a € 1 bet and you win the keno jackpot of € 10,000.

On the other hand, the more numbers you select, the more hits you need to win anything. If you have selected five numbers you will need two hits to make up for your bet. If you play ten numbers you need three hits to achieve the same. With fifteen selected spots you need five hits.

Generally speaking, if you are a more conservative keno player, you should rather pick a small number of numbers. You have more chance to stay in the game longer and not suffer big losses; This also applies to all other casino games, as well as the roulette, where you need a solid bankroll. If you are a risky gambler, then you should pick more numbers. A € 10 bet on a 15-spot keno game and you have the chance to win € 100,000. Nothing ventured nothing gained!

Keno take a look at profit distributions
A close look at the online keno paycheck will help you to improve your keno strategy. For example, if you select three keno numbers and hit all three, the payout percentage is 16 to 1. If you select four keno numbers and hit all, then that rate is only 12 to 1. Please note that it’s harder to get four numbers is as of three; and the payout is even lower! Playing 3-spot keno is a better strategy than playing 4-spot keno.

Let’s take a look at the payout table for the 7-spot to 11-spot keno games. Attention, you will need at least three hits in all these games to get your bet amount back. The chances to score 3 out of 11 are much higher than 3 out of 7. The jackpot in an 11-spot keno game is also the highest; 3,000 instead of just 100 in a 7-spot game. In other words – an 11-spot game offers clear advantages. Choosing 11 instead of 7, 8, 9 or 10 keno numbers is the better strategy for online casinos.