No doubt, playing keno in a casino can be an exciting experience. With excitement one expects and observes the pulling of the keno balls out of the keno machine, one crosses the fingers and hopes of course that the chosen lucky numbers are thereby! The lights, the mood and the atmosphere in the casino; all this provides for an exciting gaming experience. On the other hand, there are a lot of advantages why you should play Keno in a Mr Green Casino .

Online Keno is easy & fast

Keno in a land-based casino is easily done by hi-tech and you can still fill in your keno tickets or tickets with a pencil or felt-tip pen. If you make a mistake or want to change your numbers, you’re having trouble. You can either try to correct the mistake, leaving graffiti on the whole Keno ticket, or rip the ticket and start over.

Online keno, as found in the Swiss Casino, for example, is clean and easy. To select a number simply click on it with the mouse pointer. If you change your mind, click again and the selection will be undone. No graffiti or other cuddles.

Keno winnings automatically cash

Question: How can you win at Keno but not win? Answer: If one is too slow or lazy to claim his keno gains.

If you win Keno in a land-based casino, you must go to the keno counter as quickly as possible and claim and collect your winnings there. Keno draws are usually done every five minutes; if a new draw starts and you still have your winning ticket from the last draw in hand … then you are unlucky and the ticket is invalid! Their profits have thus gone down the drain. Pretty frustrating, right? This is the same for many Keno players, especially if they are distracted from other games.

If you play online keno, you can never miss this malice. If you win at Keno in an online casino, your winnings will automatically be credited to your real money account at the online casino concerned. You do not have to look like a madman in search of the keno stand and maybe even too late to come. The computer will automatically and immediately take care of your winnings at the online casino. Another advantage is that you can conveniently pay off the profits on your e-wallet, especially at an online casino.

Online Keno is fast & exciting

In a land based casino, the keno numbers are drawn every five minutes. Five minutes could be a small eternity. Have you ever stared at a clock for five minutes? Very, very boring, right? Not only boring but one is just forced to herumstrereunen and can thereby miss the redemption of his winning ticket.

Playing keno in online casino can make playing even more interesting and exciting. Placing bets, selecting keno numbers, drawing, redeeming winnings – all this is done quickly and easily. Of course, that does not mean that you always have a look at a stopwatch. It simply means that you have everything under control. Online Keno gives you the freedom to play keno as fast or as slow as it suits you.

Online Keno on the Internet Casino

You can play keno at any good and reputable online casino at any time of the day or night; without you having to dress yourself or put on nice clothes. It also eliminates the tedious and often expensive journey to a casino. Online Keno is graphically very well presented in most cases and also gives you a great casino atmosphere at home; including the tension in drawing the keno numbers. Online Keno is the hit to enjoy this game to the fullest.